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What is Covered By Fully Comprehensive Car Insurance

Fully comprehensive car insurance provides the maximum available cover for you and your car. You are covered in case of accident, fire or theft, and third parties are also covered for damages in accidents involving your covered vehicle.

With fully comprehensive car insurance, the costs of repairing or replacing your vehicle are covered regardless of who is at fault in the case of an accident. Insurance policies can differ, so you will have to read the fine print or ask your insurance agent about all the details of a comprehensive plan.

Extensive but expensive cover

Since this type of insurance provides the broadest coverage, it is also the most expensive in terms of premiums. The final cost will depend on what is covered and what optional benefits that you choose for your policy. For example, there may be options that cover vehicle breakdown, legal expenses, damage to windows and windscreen, and damages caused by road rage. In some cases, a courtesy car that is provided while your vehicle is repaired, is considered an optional benefit.

Despite the name, fully comprehensive car insurance does not cover all types of damage that can occur. For example, you might want to check if your car would be protected in case of a flood or a riot. Insurance also does not cover normal problems that occur due to regular use of your car like wear and tear.

You should check to see whether your policy covers you while driving in other people’s cars. In such cases, you must have the owner’s permission when driving the car for the protection to apply. The car must also be privately owned.

Should you get fully comprehensive car insurance?

In the United Kingdom, about 75 percent of all car insurance is fully comprehensive. Generally speaking, if your car is valued at more than £1,000, it is recommended that you have comprehensive cover. If your vehicle is more than £5,000, you must have full coverage.

Just how many extra benefits you should choose will depend on your financial situation and how much peace of mind you desire. Always be sure to carefully study what benefits are included, how much extra benefits cost, and what exceptions apply. In some cases, you may be offered free extra benefits as an incentive for you to purchase a specific policy.

Finding a good deal

Always shop around and compare prices and benefits before signing a contract. There can be very wide variations in cost for policies that look very similar. You should also do some research on the type of service provided by the insurance company. Ask people you know – family, friends, and co-workers -- or get references of clients from the company to find out whether others have experienced hassles when making claims. Some companies are known for providing great, no-hassle service, while others might do their best to avoid paying out on claims.

An easy way to compare deals is to search for insurance policies online. At Cheapest Car Insurance you may compare policies based on criteria that you select. You can also browse blogs, forums, and social networking sites to find groups where people discuss car insurance. Ask others for recommendations or for their experiences with particular insurance companies. With a little effort, you should be able to find a good deal.


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