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Short term + Temporary Car Insurance for a day, weekend, week or month

What is temporary car insurance and when should I purchase it?

Temporary car insurance (or short-term car insurance) is an extremely useful form of insurance that many people will need to buy at some point. This form of car insurance covers people who don't always drive the vehicle that they are driving at that time. For example, one could purchase this insurance for a hired vehicle, or even if one justs needs to drive a car home from the dealer, and can't quickly add that vehicle to their existing policy.

Temporary car insurance can also be used to temporarily allow someone to drive a vehicle that they don't typically drive. Coverage ranges from one day to four weeks and is typically more expensive than regular car insurance on a per-day basis. Coverage also starts instantly and is easy to get, with little or no review of a previous driving record.

What Should One Look for When Choosing a Short-Term Insurance Company?

The most important thing to look for in a short-term car insurance policy is the period of time for which it is taken out. Because these policies don't involve a driving record review, they can be very expensive on a per-day basis. It is much harder to weed out the bad drivers from the good, so there is less variation in rate than with typical car insurance. This leads to higher rates for everybody.

Therefore, one must ensure that they do not purchase the insurance for any longer than they need. That can get very expensive. On a similar note, one must not purchase the insurance for any less time than they need. The goal here is to keep a driver legal, and purchasing insurance for even a day shorter than needed defeats the purpose.

It is important that the person for whom the insurance is being purchased qualifies. The process for purchasing this form of insurance is very quick, so it is the responsibility of those purchasing the policy to check these details. Typically, only those with a UK drivers' license qualify for this insurance, and there is almost always a minimum age (because the driving record may not be checked). There are few companies that will cover those with international or European driver's licenses.

Finally, as always, it is good to check around for best prices. As age and type of vehicle are considered in the cost of a policy, there can be a lot of variation in the costs between one company and another. Other factors include gender, location in which one is covered, duration that one has had a license, and whether one has existing or ongoing car insurance claims.

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