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Privacy Policy

Collection and use of your information

In order to provide you with accurate quotes for your car insurance cover we need to collect personal information about yourself, your job, you car and your driving habits and history - including any accidents or criminal convicitions to ensure we are giving you a valid price for your circumstances. This data will be used as set out in this privacy policy and other terms and conditions you accept when you enter your data into our site. By submitting your personal information, you consent to our use of the information as set out in this privacy policy and such notices.

This information is collected on our domain and shared over a secure connection with Seopa Ltd, trading as Quotezone, who provide the quote comparison services on this website. You may read Quotezone's privacy policy in full here. Cheapest Car Insurance and Quotezone may at times contact you my mail, telephone, SMS or email to provide information that may be of use to you - including newsletters, special offers and details about services we offer.
By submitting your personal information, you agree that Quotezone may for the purposes set out above disclose your information to our agents and service providers, some of which may be located outside the European Economic Area in countries providing less protection for personal data than the UK.

Opting out of future communications
You can tell us to stop sending you marketing information at any time by contacting us through the form on our website.

Third parties
If you request a quote comparison through our website, we will share your data with Quotezone who will in turn forward the personal information you submit to selected insurers, insurance brokers and other related third parties to enable us to obtain a quote for you.
The insurers may use your personal information for their own purposes, which may include contacting you by mail, telephone or email, and any use by these insurers will be subject to the insurers’ own terms and conditions and/or privacy policies. We cannot provide a quote comparison to you unless we are able to share your personal information in this way. In the event that none of the companies we forward your information to are able to provide an online quotation, we may pass on your contact details to a small number of companies who may be able to provide an offline quotation according to your circumstances.
Also, we or Quotezone may share your personal information with other selected third parties that may contact you directly about their products or services. We shall give you an opportunity to choose not to share your information with such selected parties before you submit your personal information.

Cookies and IP logging
This website uses cookies. A cookie is a piece of data that may be stored on your computer while you visit a website. The cookie stored by this website will be used to identify your computer. You may disable the use of cookies in your internet browser, but this will restrict your use of our website. In particular, you will not be able to use the quote comparison service.
When you visit our website, our server will automatically record your IP address and the time and duration of your visit. We may also use the records of the pages you visit on this website to analyse trends, administer the site and track your movements through the website so that we can improve the usability of and access to the website.
Accessing your personal information
You have a right to ask us to provide you with the information we hold about you and to have any inaccuracies corrected. If you would like to do so, of you have any other queries about this policy, please write to 11 Clifton Hill, Bristol, BS8 1BN. We charge a £10 fee for this to cover our costs.


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