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Need insurance without a hefty contract?

Pay As You Go Insurance means you can either buy insurance for a couple of days at a time - should you wish to borrow a car or just need to move a car off the road - or get a short term contract of a month without committing to an annual fee.

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Pay As You Go Car Insurance - Drive Less For Cheap Quotes!

We pay for a lot of stuff on an "as you use it" basis these days. Many have saved hundreds of pounds a year on their mobiles, teles, or anyone who has rented a movie or video game. How much money could you save if you could do the same with your policy? Look no further than usage-based cover.

One of the differences is the cost is measured by type of car, and the time, distance, and place that it is used. It tries to give safe drivers a discount by giving them lower premiums. The easiest way Pay As you Drive insurance is measured is by how many kilometers you drive. However, there are also other ways to measure usage. The odometer can give an accurate gauge, or a device can transmit how many minutes and how fast and at what time the car is used.

The benefits are numerous if you are a safe driver. The drivers are more responsible and drive less. The actual risk to coverage of insurance ratio is better aligned which provides benefits to the insurance companies themselves. The money savings allows youngsters access to better insurance. They don't have to pay for irresponsible peers and get a premium based on their own driving.

There are however, a few downsides. The premium is counted by attempting to track future driving patterns rather than focus on a driver's history. At times, this can be rather inaccurate. Also, the GPS systems used to monitor the vehicles' usage can be an infringement on the users privacy. These downsides are easily overshadowed by the huge potential in savings benefits. However, one of the most overlooked downsides is that you have to drive relatively few miles in order for the discount to be worth it. Much like a pay as you go mobile, heavy users will still benefit more from more traditional styles of insurance.

Even though it is still not well known, Pay as you Drive insurance is becoming ever more popular. You have to install a tracking device to get access to this insurance. This might be a great option for someone who uses their car simply to drive to work, or perhaps a secondary vehicle that doesn't get used a lot. Check around for the insurance program that suits you best.


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