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Multiple cars? Get a discount on multi + second car insurance policy quotes

Motor insurance can be a significant household cost, and in families that own two or more cars it is sometimes possible to save on your premiums by insuring all cars with the same insurer. These savings can be significant; even more so if one of the drivers is a young person in the household as often the shared sense of responsibility is seen as a positive factor in the young driver's behaviour.

A multiple-car policy is great for teenaged dependents because it allows them to add their cars onto their parent's policy. This allows them to get coverage for their vehicles without paying exorbitant premiums. Since all teenagers, as a general rule, find themselves strapped for cash at one point or another, this represents a very good deal for them and their parents.

The good news about these kinds of policies is that non-family individuals can be added if they live at the same address as the policyholder. The premium discount even applies if the person applying is a named driver on another person's policy. If that is the case, they need to confirm that their car can be added to that policy with the policyholder's insurance company.

Despite all these benefits to policyholders, the rule of caveat emptor applies. If a customer is shopping for motor insurance, they need to read the policies carefully before signing. Some specific circumstances may not be covered under the policy. It's better that policyholders find that before they sign the paperwork, not after they sign and they are involved in a car accident that's not covered. Potential policyholders need to read the fine print in the 'terms and conditions' section of the policy.

Multiple-car insurance discounts help motorists pay the premiums, but the actual work of driving is the driver's responsibility. All the car insurance in the world will not protect irresponsible drivers. The burden is on them to drive safely. If they do that, their car insurance will serve them well because any accidents will not be their fault.


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