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Motorhome Insurance

Driving across the UK or camping in a motorhome can be a great deal of fun. That said, nothing is quite as devastating as losing your most prized vehicle to a traffic collision or a thief. If you want to be sure that you can continue to enjoy your camper for years to come, you need to make sure that you are signed up for the right type of insurance before you move forward. Without adequate coverage, the financial devastation that you could face might be greater than you expect.

The Default Option is Not the Best Option

Underinsurance is a serious problem, and there is certainly no exception for motorhome insurance. All too often, people will accept the first deal that they are offered. The fact of the matter is, insurers offer the level of coverage that you need, but they are often afraid to discuss it up front. There is a good reason for this. They often scare their own customers off.

When people think of "cheap motorhome insurance" they are usually thinking one of two things. Either they want the insurance with the lowest premium, or they want the insurance that offers the most coverage for each dollar spent. But the logic of the bargain bin and the wholesaler doesn't apply to insurance. An entirely different approach is required.

How to Approach Cheap Motorhome Insurance Comparison

Before even looking at a quote, you really need to decide how much coverage you need. You aren't going to accomplish this by taking the first recommendation offered by an insurer, nor are you going to figure it out exclusively by looking at quotes.

Instead, you need to start by picturing a scenario in which you actually need your insurance. What would you do if your camper was stolen, or if it was damaged beyond all repair?

Each of you will have a different answer to that question. Some of you might not mind if you lost your camper. It may not be your primary vehicle, and you might think you can do without one, at least until you save up enough money to buy another one. Or the motorhome might be so old that you could replace it using funds that you already have in the bank. If that is the case, you shouldn't waste your time looking at comprehensive or collision coverage. You should focus on strict liability policies only.

On the other hand, you might need your motorhome because it is the only vehicle that you drive. You may also simply enjoy camping too much to do away with it. If this is the case, great. You should find an insurer that will offer comprehensive or collision coverage.

That said, don't accept the default level of coverage. Take an honest look at your budget and ask yourself how much you could reliably spend on repairs. If it wouldn't hurt your financial situation to make a payment of a certain size, there is no reason that you should be paying a higher premium for the extra coverage. Your deductible should be roughly equivalent to the amount you are willing to spend on your vehicle without hurting yourself financially. A smaller deductible only means that you will pay more for your premium than you need to. A larger deductible means that you will be putting yourself in an uncomfortable credit situation.


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