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Modified Car Insurance

Cover Those Modifications

Did you know that even the simplest car modifications could render a standard car insurance policy void? It is important to inform your insurer precisely what has been modified as modifications can change the safety, value and performance of your car.

Why Modify Cars?

Cars can be modified for all sorts of reasons. Recrational racers may partake in performance enhancements such as engine and manifold tuning, coilover sports suspension, adding fuel injectors and regulators as well as anti roll bars to improve safety.

Modifications can be purely cosmetic - some people like their cars with lowered suspension, spoilers and alloy wheels in order to improve the look of the vehicle. Sometimes complete body kits are used to dramatically transform a car's image. Sports exhausts and shock absorbers have a dual function - both to impress and improve the car's performance.

Finally there are many purely practical modifications people may choose to perform, such as those people with disabilities may undertake to make a car safer and easier to use for disabled drivers.


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