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Import Car Insurance

Although purchasing an imported car can save you a lot of money on your car purchase, there is no doubt that insurance premiums for import vehicles can get high. Although Japanese imported cars are a good choice due to their inexpensive prices and higher specifications, they may be more expensive than regular European vehicles. How much you pay for an imported vehicle normally depends on what type of imported car it is. Imported cars are divided by two classes. You can purchase a grey imported car or a parallel imported car.

Grey Imported Vehicles

Grey imported cars are classified as any car that is not built to meet European Union standards. If the vehicle is not approved by the European Union, it can take a very long time to find affordable import car insurance. You will need to pay more for your import car insurance if you have a grey import vehicle. Insurance companies consider many factors when deciding on your overall premium cost. For example, insurance companies will consider the cost of spare parts and how much it would cost to repair your grey import vehicle. Since spare parts are not available in the United Kingdom, they will need to be specially imported to your area. This means it is more expensive and the insurance company would have to pay more.

Parallel Imported Vehicles

If you have a parallel imported vehicle, you may have an easier time finding import car insurance. This is mainly because parallel imported vehicles have the approval of the European Union. In addition, parallel imported vehicles are normally imported to the United Kingdom from within the EEC.

Reducing the Cost of Import Car Insurance

There are many different things that you can do in order to reduce the cost of your import car insurance. For example, if you have a garage and you keep your import car locked up overnight, you could save up to five percent on your import car insurance. In addition, you can save money on your import car insurance if you avoid purchasing high performance import cars. Having a smaller and plainer car is simply inexpensive all around. You should also think about how many men and women you have on your insurance policy. Insurance companies normally base your premium on the youngest or least experienced driver on your policy.

If you pay a higher excess on your import vehicle you can also save money and reduce your premium. However, making changes to your car can increase your overall import car insurance premium. Avoid modifying your car. If you fit a recommended and industry approved security device on your import vehicle you can save up to eight percent on your import car insurance premium.

Finding Cheap Import Car Insurance

It may take a lot of work on your end to find cheap import car insurance. It is extremely important for you to compare car insurance premiums in the UK. Get as many estimates as you can by going online for more information. For example, you can look for import insurance companies by going to online comparison sites. You can also find import car insurance by looking in the local yellow pages. You may be able to find a local insurer. If an insurance company refuses to insure you because you have a grey import vehicle, you will need to look for import insurance online.


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