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Green + Eco Friendly Insurance Policies For Your Car - Can They Work?

Everyone is going green, including your broker. For drivers who are concerned with lessening their car’s environmental impact, 'green' premiums are just one way to start saving.

Some companies are introducing reduced premiums for drivers who own hybrid or electric cars. The assumption being that environmentally conscious drivers are likely to be more responsible on the road and, therefore, less risk to their broker.

On the other hand, exclusively green car insurance companies offer policies that are coupled with carbon offsetting schemes. These insurance providers are targeting a market of drivers who wish to pay for an environmentally friendly insurance program. These companies pledge to donate a portion of their policyholders’ payments to green projects like large-scale recycling schemes and reforestation. Some companies plant a tree for each new policyholder and others go so far as to offset 100 percent of a covered vehicle’s carbon emissions.

Where exclusively green insurance companies calculate green benefits into their premiums, some conventional insurance companies will also provide carbon-offsetting services, but for an additional price. It is up to you how much you would like to pay when thinking about your car’s impact on the environment. Checking first with your existing company for any environmental incentives is the best way to make going green worth the price and effort.

Many customers’ first objection to green car insurance is its price. Because of the carbon-offsetting schemes, green policies can sometimes make the UK’s already expensive insurance programs even more unaffordable. Yet, insurers like The Green Insurance Company offer motorists competitive pricing for eco-friendly insurance that, for some, may be cheaper than their existing conventional policies.

With the leading eco-friendly insurance company being founded in 2007, these green insurers are still relatively new and often suffer slight corporate growing pains. Smaller companies undoubtedly have fewer phone operators, and while some customers hang up in a huff, those that do manage to get through are rewarded with excellent service and friendly staff. IT and technical problems are also more common in budding businesses; some customers can accidentally fall victim to software glitches that may be time-consuming or inconvenient to fix. In the long run, however, customers who truly care about minimising their car’s carbon footprint know that a few extra minutes on the phone are easily worth the benefit to the planet.

As for policy durability and breakdown cover, green car insurance is just like everyone else. Your recovery vehicle may not be made out of wheatgrass, but its carbon emissions will be neutralised as part of your insurance company’s goal to go green.

Just like with any insurance company, it only takes a minute to find your eco-friendly car insurance quote. Compare your green quote with a few conventional policies to see which suits you and your priorities best. If you fancy saving more than just money, and supporting insurance companies that give back to the environment is a priority, then going green on your car insurance might be next on your agenda.


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