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Fleet Car Insurance - Compare Cheap Quotes For Your Business' Cars

Fleet insurance and business car insurance are often synonymous, though they do not have to be. Fleet insurance is insurance that is taken out on a large group of cars. Since most fleets of cars are owned by businesses, this is mainly an insurance type used by businesses. Just as with any other type of insurance, it is possible to find cheaper rates if someone, in this case usually a business owner, puts a little time into comparing prices and investigating different options. The following are some things to take into consideration when looking for the cheapest quotes in fleet based business car insurance.

Use the Internet

As is the case with many other types of insurance and products and services in general, the internet is a great way to compare rates. It allows the user to quickly go over a large variety of options for business car insurance and see them side by side in a comparative context. One can either visit the sites of specific providers themselves or use a comparison site such as ours

Using the comparison form on our site you will find links to many different companies that offer this type of insurance and the prices or quotes they offer you, making it easy to compare the policies on offer

Drivers Covered

When you do your comparisons, there are a number of specifics that should be taken into consideration regarding fleet car insurance. One is the issue of which drivers are covered under the policy. Often companies that offer this kind of insurance will have several different options here. They may, for instance, offer policies that provide cover for any driver over 25, any driver over 30, any driver of any age, or only drivers that are selected by the business owner (and named on the policy). There are usually differing premiums for these groupings of allowed drivers. The business owner should consider this as they budget for the insurance and select the right coverage accordingly.

No Claims Discounts

Most insurance policies offer what are known as no claims bonuses or discounts. This refers to a rate reduction or bonus that is given after a certain period of time, for instance one year, without any insurance claims made. This rewards drivers and encourages exactly what the insurance company wants – no claims that they have to pay out on.

In terms of business car insurance, this gets a bit more complicated. With fleets of cars, especially larger fleets, there is often little likelihood of a completely claim free year. The statistical probability of at least some sort of insurance claim being filed goes up quickly with the increasing number of vehicles. Companies take this into consideration and may still give discounts for periods of time with few claims or small claims. A business owner should be sure and ask representatives from a company about this option and get a sense of how it works before selecting insurance. This can result in a substantial discount.

Fleet Management

It is important to manage the fleet well and to comply with requirements for inspecting company cars for safety and drivability. The insurance company may use negligence of this as a reason to dispute a claim so it is in a company’s best interests to manage and maintain their fleet of car’s conscientiously.


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