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Drink Drivers: Getting Insured After A Drunk Driving Ban / DUI

All drivers that have been convicted of drink driving will be quoted considerably higher premiums than they paid prior to the conviction. There are many companies that refuse to insure drivers with a drink driving conviction. This is an unavoidable circumstance of receiving such a conviction, however there are several brokers that spcialise in providing cover for drivers with convictions.

These specialised brokers offer policies that reduce driver's premiums irrespective of a drink driving conviction. Several insurance providers also recognise and take into consideration drivers that have completed The Drink Driving Rehabilitation Course. The completion of this course is effective in further reducing insurance premiums as well as minimising the length of the driving ban by approximately twenty five percent.

Drink Driving Offences

Many UK bans are the result of drink driving offences, though numerous other violations are attributed to totting up speeding offences. There are several violations committed by motorists that will lead to a driving ban that will increase the cost of insurance. It is essential for drivers to select the appropriate amount of car insurance, when selecting coverage. Depending on the amount of convictions, it may take several years before the licence is clean again.

Comparison Insurance Rate Service

There are several car insurance companies that can be found on the Internet that provide competitive rates for drivers with convictions and associated bans. Several convicted drivers insurance policies can be found by utilising service that make it easy for online shoppers to compare premiums among different insurance providers. By using the form at Cheapest Car Insurance you will find a comprehensive insurance comparison service that can help drivers save a significant amount of time and money.

This comparison website saves several hours of time searching for insurance companies that provide this type of coverage. This service can additionally advise drivers regarding premium costs, timescales and can clarify the various types of banned car insurance policies that are available.

Additional Services Provided by Comparison Websites

Not only does the comparison service endeavor to assist drivers understand the often complicated terms regarding insurance policies, they also offer information regarding how to save money on insurance premiums. Drivers that use car insurance comparison websites will be able to determine the best suited policy to meet their driving needs. By completing a simple online form, drivers who have been previously banned for drink driving offences, will be provided with listings of insurance companies that offer more affordable premiums.

The form will provide a panel of insurers that offer quotes to motorists with drunk driving convictions. Drivers will need to declare all convictions and associated bans when completing the online form. Additional information that will be necessary, in order to receive accurate insurance quotes, will include any points, fines and the length of ban. When this information is submitted, the online search will generate several quotes from different insurers.


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