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Car Insurance Calculator?

For many of us a car is not a luxury but a necessity unfortunately the providers of the legally mandated automobile insurance seem to think it is a game with their fees! The majority of us are careful drivers however that alone is not enough to make certain we pay the least amount for our policies. This is where doing some comparative shopping is strongly advised.

Why spend your life adding up quotes from different brokers by hand on your calculator when you can do it quickly and easily online?

Factors Influencing Cost of Car Insurance

There are some things that have an impact on what we pay for our car insurance and the more we know the better able we can negotiate the best terms.

* Distance to your workplace-this has a significant impact on what you pay for insurance, those who drive a longer distance to work round trip than does who do not are seen as a greater risk and pay more. Insurance providers try to rationalize this with the argument that the more time spent on the road can lead to higher chances of a collision.

* Previous claims- This is something that insurers look at with great scrutiny, applicants who have filed a claim in the past whether warranted or not will be seen as a greater risk and pay more. How much more has not been established since each insurer has its own underwriting protocols.

* Type of Vehicle- This is a major variable in determining how much of a premium a person pays. If the vehicle is of significant value the cost of replacing that car is greater than an average priced vehicle. Also if you wish to have coverage against theft and the car has a higher level of theft compared to other types of vehicles.

* Age of the driver- While we all age the older the driver the lesser the risk in the eyes of the insurer. Younger drivers are considered to be less experienced and more reckless. While this concept is subject to debate the older the driver the better the rates; also a person can request a senior's discount which could translate into a significant savings.

* Previous Traffic Offenses- Another major component in the calculation that insurers use for determining how much to charge for coverage. If a driver has demerit points for speeding or other forms of dangerous driving they will pay for it dearly with their costs.

With all these variables it behooves drivers to compare all their options, it is your money why pay more than you have to!


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